Best Electric Guitar under 20000

Music has become a passion for a portion of today’s youth. People for solace in music, away from complications of life. And when it comes to music, musical instruments don’t remain far away.

Among them, the guitar has become one of the most popular music instrument ever worldwide. Its popularity is not the newly borne one. The guitar is admired for its versatility and uniqueness from past so many years.

Electric guitars are a particular type of guitars which got popularized by Jazz players in past. It was invented in1932 and eventually had become one of the most popular instruments of all time.

Best Electric Guitar under 20000

There are several types of electric guitars as the solid body guitars, different types of hollow-body guitars, semi hollow-body guitars, the six-string guitars, the seven-string guitars, the eight-string guitars and twelve-string guitars.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features and the things you should think about and focus on before buying an electric guitar. Before that, we are also providing a review list of popular electric guitars available in the market currently.

Best Electric Guitar Under 20000 in India

Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar

Product Dimensions: 100.3 x 45.2 x 10.2 cm; 3.9 Kilograms

Item model number: GSA60-BKN

Weight: 3 kg 900 g

Number of Strings: 6

Body Material: Agathis

Colour: Multicolour

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Guitar Pickup Configuration: Single Coil

Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar


Ibanez is treated as a quite reputed guitar brand all over the globe. The prepare guitars for all level of guitarists.

The guitar is included in GIO series. This series is prepared for the people who want the wonderful Ibanez experience within the economic rate.

Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar is the right one for beginners. It’s economic and amazing together. This strongly built, the reliable guitar is much better than some guitars of the same price category.

It can perform from metal to blue in an equally graceful way. It’s smooth arched top and walnut finish makes it beautiful. Due to its agathis made body, it makes forceful growl which is efficient for heavy rock with good low frequencies, lower mids and relatively subdued higher end.

It has combined SSH pick up configuration and simple synchronized tremolo which has helped it to become performable in any music territory.

The guitar has high output power sound pickups at its neck and mid positions. There is a powerful sound humbucker at the bridge. There is a standard tremolo, a single-piece maple made neck and 22 medium frets also.

EPS LTD EC Series EC-10 Electric Guitar

Package Dimensions: 125 x 49.6 x 13.5 cm; 7.58 Kilograms

Item model number: EC-10-BLACK

Material Type: Maple

Guitar Bridge System: Tune-O-Matic

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

String Material: Nickel

Item Weight: 7 kg 580 g

Pickups: LH-100

Bridge: TOM & Tailpiece


ESP has brought the LTD series guitars for the people who want ESP in an affordable range.    EC-10 comes under this series. It is one of the best guitars of this series. It is a solid entry-level guitar.

It is an excellent choice for learning, songwriting, playing and performing. Its sharp tones are perfect for Metallica and Slayer. Its two humbuckers provide great output and sustain. For an amazing performance just combine it with a good amp and a good pedal.

It throws out clear and warm tones. It has a pleasurable, quick neck and satisfactory pickups. It is equally perfect for practising and jamming session. Even it can be an excellent one for the guitar experts also.

This simple looking guitar has a slim, curvy body made of basswood and a thin elegant ‘U’ shaped neck. It comes in three body colours; black, blue and red. It can be played in both standing and sitting positions comfortably.

It has extra-large 24 frets, LH-100 humbucking pickups, three-position pickup selector switch, an appropriately sized gig bag to carry it to places and a bolt-on construction.

The 24.75″ scale length of it gives it a balanced body which can be perfectly hanged from a strap and be played hassle-free. The frets, fingerboard and neck help in speed and easy string bending altogether.

EC-10 is an excellent guitar of its range which is able to compete with the guitars of twice value.

Fender Affinitytele Electric Guitar

Product Dimensions: 113.03 x 10.16 x 36.83 cm; 4.5 Kilograms

Item model number: 0310202506

Body: Alder

Scale Length: 25.5″

Neck Material: Maple

Fretboard Material: Maple

Guitar Pickup Configuration: Single coil

Guitar Bridge System: Saddle

Item Weight: 4kg 500g


Its design is based on the recognised design of the iconic Fender Telecaster. This guitar is made for guitar beginners and the price is also affordable.

 Its two single-coil vintage telecaster style pickups provide the graceful tele tone. Its smooth satin ‘C’ shaped maple made neck which absolutely coordinates the beauty of its overall look.

From every part of it’s the body the guitar is perfectly a Fender Telecaster and it sounds one also. It is the right choice for people who are starting their journey of playing an electric guitar.

One can play it quite comfortably as it is not too heavy and perfectly balanced. You don’t need to put much effort to make it play a nice sound.

Don’t go on the price, the Squier is full of professional features. It has two single-coil pickups and curved ‘C’ shaped neck made by maple. It is built sturdy and so, suggested long-lasting by many.

It has a fixed bridge and six adjustable saddles. It has a single tone control, single volume control and a three-way pick up selector control. It has reasonable fittings perfect for their job. A fair set of chrome tuners are there for tuning.

It has a decent scale length of 25.5″. It has one of the world’s most popular classic vintage shape. It is designed in a simple pattern and made from alder. It has a bolt-on neck and an old-style headstock.

Cort X100 6-String Electric Guitar

Product Dimensions: 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm; 4.16 Kilograms

Item model number: X100-OPBK

Item Weight: 4 kg 160 g

Number of Strings: 6

Body: Meranti

Neck Material: Hard Maple

Pickups: Powersound Humbucker pickups

Colour: Open pore finish, Black, Black Cherry Burst and Black Burst

Fretboard: Jatoba 400 mm (15.75 & quot;) Radius

Frets: 24

Scale: 25.5″

Bridge: 6 point tremolo


This is again an electric guitar of economic range. The meranti made the body of its help to produce a sound like mahogany made guitars. Its smooth matte finish provides you with a soft grip. The midsection becomes rich and strong and even after combining does not get lost.

The power sound humbucker produces a sound like original classic humbuckers. With three-stage pickup selector and tone control, you can create a wide variety of sounds of many genres.

Its body contour gives you a feel of metal guitar. It looks extremely modern. It performs excellently on high frets even. Its hard maple neck produces stronger and balanced sound.

It has 24 amazing jumbo frets on the original super starts which ensures steady even at high positions. Its jatoba made fingerboards put emphasis on the high-mids.

It is an entry-level guitar of new Cort X- series. Its body is made of meranti and neck is made of hard maple. The fingerboard is made of Jatoba and it has 400mm(15.75″) radius. It has two power sound humbucker pickups for strong output.

It has a 6 point tremolo system for better acoustic resonance with great tuning stability. Its contoured arm cut not only enhance the elegancy of its appearance but also the comfort of the player.

It is available in three different colours like open-pore black, open-pore black cherry blast and open-pore black burst.

Fender Squier Bullet Start With Tremolo Electric Guitar

Package Dimensions: 118 x 55 x 16 cm

Weight: 6.76 Kilograms

Fingerboard: 9.5″ radius

Pickups: single-coil strat pickups

Bridge: synchronous tremolo with cast saddles bridge

Bod: Rosewood

Frets: 21


This instrument is a combination of classic style and modern features. It is an affordable model of Fender Squier which is popular for its vintage yet stylish look and versatility.

Its thin, lightweight body is enough balanced for the player to be comfortable. Its humbucking bridge and three single-coil pickups provide it with versatility. The pickup selector allows 5 different tones.

This guitar is equally perfect for beginners, experts, experienced guitarists and also the who want to try guitar modifications. This value for money guitar is excellently built and durable.

Its basswood body produces amazing sound quality and a rich tone. Basswood is popular for its quality of delivering strong midrange. The laurel fretboard and maple neck perfectly balanced high and low.

5-way toggle switch helps you switch between pickup or pickup combination to deliver something unique. Its maple neck transfers the maximum energy to the body of the guitar. SSS pickup configuration avails sound versatility.

 Fender Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo is a simple electric guitar which inherits the classic vintage look of Fender. It has glossy solid basswood body ensuring longevity. It has a slick 42 mm body.

In addition; it has a maple neck, 25.5″ scale, 21 medium jumbo frets and 9.5″ radius Indian laurel made fretboard. There are humbucker bridge, three single-coil pickups, 5-way pickup, 6 saddle vintage pattern synchronized tremolo and dir-cast tuners.

Best Electric Guitar under 20000 -Buyer’s guide

Before buying an electric guitar people find it pretty confusing that how to choose the right one for themselves or the person they want to buy it for. To choose the perfect one you should have a clear idea about various type of electric guitar and how each of them performs.

Here are some factors you should think of before buying a guitar:

1. The preferences of the person you are buying the guitar for:

Before buying a guitar you should be aware of the user’s preferences and requirements. If you are buying it for yourself then think first what you want in it and attempt to buy once you are sure about it.

 For a beginner, you should buy a proper-sized, well sounding, easy to play the guitar which is going to support their aspiration. The guitar for a beginner must stay in tune or else it will ruin their mood to play it. The other things you should care for are appearance, cosmetics, tone and electronics.

For the people who are already playing the guitar, you should ask them for their choice as they might already something in their mind. If they are not clear about it then you better buy it yourself by learning yourself about electric guitars

2. Budget:

Budget matters when you are thinking about buying a guitar. If you are buying it for a beginner, you must think twice before investing much after it as you are not sure if that person is going to stick to playing it or not.

But also don’t go for the cheapest as it can ruin the mood of the budding guitarist if it is hard to play or does not stay in tune.

Best electric Guitar under 20000 in India

3. The body type of the guitar:

a) Solid-body:

Solid-body electric guitars are the most common one among all. It does not produce as much resonance as hollow-body type electric guitars. Though it is believed that the solid wood does have some impact on the guitars.

b) Hollow body:

The hollow body electric guitars are much like acoustic guitars and they yield more resonance because of their design. They produce full, rich tones and deep bass responses

c) Semi-Hollow body:

It produces more resonance than solid-body electric guitars and lesser than hollow body electric guitars. These guitars have a solid wooden block at its centre body which provides it with more stability and sustain. It helps to lessen feedback also. These guitars are great for blues, jazz and punk rock.

4. Pickups and Electronics:

Pickups and electronics affect the sound a lot which your guitar will make. Single coil pickups are the basic, original pick up the design and they produce a dazzling, crunchy sound which can even cut through heavy band sounds. It is prone to make hum and subject to magnetic interference.

Humbucker pickups are used to get rid of hum. It offers tones which can not be produced by single-coil pickups. Humbuckers have louder, thicker, stronger tones than single-coil pickups. It can be invested in from heavy metal to rock, to jazz.

Piezo pickups are not that popular like single-coils and humbuckers but yes, they also get used in electric guitars sometimes. They work on mechanical vibration to sound, producing from vibrating strings into an electric current. They are usually used in an electric guitar to produce tone like an acoustic guitar.

5. Scale Length:

A longer scale length provides a tighter feel in string stress with a brighter sparkling well-produced low end and a shorter scale length provides less string stress resulting in easier string bending and a warmer tone. Shorter scales are better for small hands to play.

6. Neck:

A guitar’s neck comes with fretboard, headstock and the tuners. A guitar’s playability depends a lot upon its necks profile and width. The player’s comfort also depends on the same while fretting.

Most of the guitars’ necks are either ‘C’ or ‘U’ shaped. The width and the depth of the guitar are needed to get considered according to the player’s hand. Small handed players must go for narrower necks while large handed players must choose broader necks.

There are generally three types of electric guitar necks:

a) Bolt-on

b) Set neck

c) Neck-through

7. Tonewoods:

The wood the guitar is made of effects the sounding of the guitar gravely. The wood’s resonance decides how long the string will vibrate and what will be the shape of their motion. The pick up also moves by itself sometimes due to the tonewood.

Not being too hard, Mahogany produces a sweet-sounding tune. It mostly affects the midrange and the bass frequencies to produce that. Mahogany also produces a strong guitar with great sustainability.

Maple is commonly used to prepare the guitars’ neck. It is a quite thick and hard wood which reveals the treble in a guitar’s sound and adds definition to it.

Rosewood is the most common wood to prepare the electric guitars’ fretboards. It is also a heavy and thick wood like maple.

Ebony is another hard and thick wood which gets usually used to prepare fretboards of expensive electric guitars. It is almost black and has a silky feel.

Another common tonewood for solid body electric guitars is Ash. It is harder than mahogany and that is why quite resonant. This wood provides guitar sustainability while ringing and a dazzling tone with well-revealed mid-range.

Alder has almost the same tonal symptoms as the ash but it is economic than ash and not highly figured like it. It is also a common body wood for solid-body electric guitars.

Agathis has almost the same tonal characteristics as alder but it is not that resonant as alder and it is also gets used in cheaper guitars.

Nato due to its cost-effectiveness sometimes gets used to make the necks of the less costly guitars. It is very strong wood and provides a very warm sound. It is also known as eastern mahogany.

8. Hardware:

An electric guitar has various hardware of many styles and different uses in its body. And the cost and the quality of the whole guitar depends on all these hardware a lot. If you have better hardware in your guitar, you will have better tuning stability and sound versatility in it.

The most important hardware are bridges and tailpieces, tuning machines.

i) Bridges and Tailpieces:

Bridges and Tailpieces work together in influencing the tone and playability of the guitar. Bridges help in the adjustment of the strings to keep them in tune along the whole length of the fretboard.

There are some types of bridges-tailpieces available :

a) Tune-o-matic: It is the most common among all the bridges-tailpieces. It provides single intonation of the strings and total adjustment of the string heights.

b) Two-point rocking tremolo or fulcrum vibrato: In this case, the guitar will have individual string saddles which are adjustable for intonation and height. Locking tuners will be there to provide tuning stability.

c) Locking vibrato: It is also known as Floyd Rose bridge. It also comes up with individual intonation and height adjustments. It is able to provide stable tuning.

d) Bigsby: It is usually found on old-style vintage and vintage style guitars. It is ideal for people who like vintage vibes.

e) Six-point rocking tremolo: It is basically that one original rocking vibrato designed by Fender at 1950s. It also provides single string intonation and height adjustment. It produces greater vibration with better resonance.

f) Trapeze Tailpiece: Generally found in hollow body vintage models of electric guitars. It helps to free the top from string tension.

g) String-through body: It provides a neat and clean look to your guitar and some people thinks it also increases sustainability.

ii) Tuning machines:

These geared devices are also known as tuners or machine heads. They are placed upon the headstocks to hold the strings in their places. And thus they can help in tuning of the instrument by adjusting the string tension.

Some tuners have the ability to lock the string in its place. Their design provides more tuning stability and prevents the strings from slipping from the tuners. Changing strings gets little easier by it.

Some tuning systems lock the strings down at the but and bridge. They offer amazing stability and helps the strings not to slip and stretch that much at the time of using the tremolo system.

So, hope you have got enough knowledge about electric guitars and its all systems from this review article and the buyer’s guide system. Now, buying the same is going to be a lot easier for you. Choosing the right one for yourself is very important as the wrong one can totally ruin your mood to play it.

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