Best Food Processor In India

Food processor is one of the most essential utensils in every kitchen. Because a food processor can be utilized in multiple ways. It can do the chopping, slicing, shredding, grating, baby food mixing and dough mixing in a jiffy. So having a food processor will definitely fasten your food processing preparation tasks.

In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best food processer in India. We not only listed down some of the best food processor but also we added a food processor buying guide that will help you to choose a suitable food processor for you.

Best Food Processor in India 2020

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Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 

In my list of best food processor in India, I started with a budget friendly inalsa food processor. You can easily categorize this as best food processor under 5000. This processor might look cheaper compare to other food processor, but it has all the essential features and powers that you need to do food processing task.


  • Power – 650 Watt
  • Capacity – 1.5L BPA Free blender Jar and 1L multipurpose stainless steel jar.
  • No. Of Switch – 3 different speed mode with 1 Pulse switch
  • Including components – Processing Bowl, Bowl Cover, Food Pusher, Blender Jar with Lid (1.5 liters), Multipurpose SS Jar with Lid (1 liter), Fine Shredding Cutter, Coarse Shredding Cutter, Slicer Cutter, French Fries Cutter, Cutter Holder Disc with Stem Rod, Whisking Disc , Chopper Cutter, Kneading Blade, Centrifugal Juicer Assembly, Citrus Juicer Assembly and Spatula.

What I like in this –

  • 650-watt motor which coil is made of 100% pure copper. Copper wire is motor means your motor longevity is higher than other aluminum wire motor.
  • Due to the availability of the blending jar you can use this food processor as a blender.
  • BPA free Jar and Stainless Steel Jar ensure Durability.
  • All the attachments can move easily for cleaning.
  • 3 different speed settings with pulse switch. Where high-speed settings can be used to make juice and slow speed can be used to kneading dough and emulsion creation.
  • It also has a child lock system. Means the processor will not run until the processor and jar fit and lock properly.
  • It also has overload and heat detection. It will automatically shut down its motor if it sense overloading and overheating.
  • Inalsa offers a 2-years warranty on product and 5 years on motors.
  • Under 5000 pricing is obviously a plus point. No doubt this is the best food processor in India under 5000 rupees.

What I didnt like –

This product hasn’t many cons still I found some little issue in this food processor. Like, motor power could have been little higher which might help to do some hard job like peanut chopping, beef chopping etc.

Best Food Processor – Buying Guide

Lets check what are the factors that you should check before buying a food processor.

Power – Power is the most integral part of food processor. I’m not saying that you need 1000W -2000W food processor. To did all the food processor job I think a for processor above 500W is enough for every task. In Amazon and flipkart you might found some food processor with lesser than 500W power. But I will never recommend those food processor as those processor might not chopped and mix properly when you give them stiff dough for mixing or raw carrot for chopping. In wrost cases, Your food processor motor might burn. So to do all the essential tasks with your food processor choose a food processor about 500 watt.

Features – While buying any food processor do check no. of speed food processor have. Two speed and a pulse switch are enough to do all the tasks. But if you get more than 2 power setting then that will be a bonus for you. But pulse switch is essential in food processing, because when you want to chop a veggies, then a speed switch might mash your all veggies instead of chopping due to high speed. In those cases pulse switch is essential to evenly chop your veggies.

It should have a small tube opening top of the jar that will help you to add ingredients later and should have a pusher that fits into that tube. A pusher is helpful to feed large items into the jar.

Size and Capacity – Food processor size is compelety depends on your needs. Having around 1L jar capacity is enough to do food prep task for 4-5 family member. If you need larger than that size, in Amazon you will more larger than 1L size also.

Attachments – Do check all the Multiple attachments, because each accessory has different utility to do their job. a Chopping blade and a dough mixing thread would not be same. Even in India, Most of the food processors are comes with a blender jar. So that will help you to do all the blending tasks as well as help you to save money and space.

Brands and price – Brands popularity are vary with the country. In US marketplace, Cuisinart and KitchenAid are the most selling food processor brand. But in India, Insala, Bajaj, Philips, and Morphy are the most renowned brand. Brand popularity difference are mainly beacuse of pricing. As cuisinart and kitchenaid food processor are price are around 20000 rupees to 50000 rupess. Where as Indian popular brands of food processor price is around 10000 rupees even some of then are even under 5000 rupess. By the way, Still you can go for higher end food processor if you have no budget issue.

Best Food Processor Brands

Inalsa – Inalsa is one of the most selling and best food processor brands in India. Founded in 1962, Inalsa is one of most selling home kitchen appliance seller in UK since 1962. Although inalsa food processor is one of the prime choice of indian consumers for small home appliances. Not only food processor inalsa but also sell mixer grinder, hand blender, vaccum cleaner, sandwich maker, oven, toaster, grills and many more. and Inalsa customer service is very good in indian marketplace. Even they also offer phone support for installation as well as help to solve their food processor related query.

Morphy Richard – It’s another popular UK base Kitchen appliances brand. It is also very popular in Indian consumers due to their product features and aggressive pricing. Like Inalsa, Morphy also makes hand blender, blender to Iron, coffee maker, microwave oven etc. No doubt this is another great food processor brand in India.

Philips – I don’t think I need to introduce this brand to anyone. Above two brands are focused on creating home and kitchen related products but philips brand has very wide range of product. This dutch brand is staring their business by creating a light bulb but now its cover almost every topic of human essential needs. It’s official India branch is located at kolkata, west bengal.

With these 3 food processor brands there are few more popular brands are also avilable in amazon and flipkart marketplace. i.e, Usha, Bajaj, Chefman, generic etc.

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