Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India

Do you feel suffocating while making your food? The answer would be Yes. It has been witnessed today, you people feel suffocated due to improper ventilation in your kitchens. Strong Odours, fumes, Heat, Smoke, grease, etc. All these things remain in your kitchen/houses for a long time. Ultimately, you will get affected and certain breathing issues come into the picture. Not only health issues but also the formation of mold and mildew also occurs.

To get rid of this issue, what to do?. Making your food in open places or something else. I would say, you don’t worry. In this guide, we would rule out all the factors and specifications of exhaust fans, like what are exhaust fans? How does it work? The best kitchen Exhaust fans you can buy. All these things, we will discuss, so that you can make the best use of it and ultimately you can feel proper ventilation, preparing your food.


Comparison Table of best Exhaust fan 2020

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Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans – Buying Guide

Ultimately, Exhaust fans are becoming an essential part of your life. What has been observed that people have some questions in their minds about which exhaust fan should I buy? Or Does it really value their money?. Well, we try here to describe all possible prime factors, you consider before buying online.

Well, In this segment, we rule out the things you should consider so that you will get your money worth. Read them-

Standard Size of Your Exhaust Fan-

Well, it is really important to go through the size before buying. Why so? Because whether your kitchen has the kind of space to install it or not. It has been observed that different rooms have different degrees of airflow.

Usually, a 12-inch exhaust fan is good enough to place it in your kitchen.

Which Material- Plastic or metal is better?

The exhaust fan you are going to buy has a plastic body or metal?. This thing you should also consider. Well, it is based on choices of individuals which type of exhaust fans they love to buy. However, if you want to take our suggestion, we would prefer you to have a plastic body exhaust fan for the kitchen. No doubt, the metal body fans have some benefits, but it has been seen that the metal vents have sharpened blades that can cut your hands during installation or if it flows down, you can face injury while plastic bodies are light weighted, having smooth edges, less likely to damage.

Performance Level-

This is the primary question that comes in your mind. Whether the exhaust fan I’m going to buy gives optimum performance or not. So do check the customer reviews and ratings of your products before paying for that.

Which Model Ducted or Ducted-Range Hoods?

While buying your kitchen Exhaust fan, you should also consider whether to go for a ducted model or ducted-range hoods. Well, we would suggest you have a ducted model. They are highly efficient. They can easily shatter the smoke, heat, grease particles out of your kitchens. This model is highly recommended by the restaurant owners.

Rust-Proof Body-

The exhaust fan you are going to own is a rust-proof body or not. Rusting can affect the quality of your exhaust fan. Therefore, it is always better to consider this thing as well before buying.

Air flow-

Whether the suction is good enough or not. The airflow is awesome or not. These things come into the picture when you are willing to buy an exhaust fan for your kitchen and rooms.

The amount of air expelled by an exhaust fan is measured in volume. It is always better to have high-speed exhaust fans, the reason is they have better air quality compared to the normal ones. However, in some cases, high-speed exhaust fans cause back-drafting problems. So have reliable and quietest exhaust fans that can maven your needs.

Warranty Card-

Almost all the best brands offer warranty cards for exhaust fans. Usually, most of them offer a 2 years warranty card. The one-year minimum warranty period that almost every brand offers to its customers.

Energy Consumption –

Generally, it has been seen that the high-speed exhaust fans consume more energy compared to the low-speed exhaust fans. If your kitchen is small in size, you can go with low-speed exhaust fans.

Which is the quietest Exhaust Fan for your kitchen?

It is always better to check whether you are buying noiseless fans for your kitchen/rooms. Usually, a normal exhaust fan’s speed ranges between 55-60db and high-speed exhaust fans have a noise level around 75db. So for a residential purpose go with normal exhaust fans.

Best kitchen Exhaust Fans In India 2020

Well, we have discussed buying guide tips for you. Now, it’s time to head towards the 5 best kitchen Exhaust Fans. See them-

Luminous Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Well, if you are looking for the best exhaust fan for your kitchen at a reasonable price, you should consider Luminous Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm. Why so?. The reason is, it is the best seller exhaust fan in amazon. A suitable for household purposes.

It offers a great performance level at a very cheap rate. The design is stylish and can easily match spaces with your kitchen. It is the best exhaust fan that helps in keeping your home cool.

The exhaust fan is made up of 5 Aerodynamically blades that deliver faster speed. The blade size is 200mm and offers a speed range from 1250-1300 RPM.

The sound level is good and performs the noiseless operation. The Best one to use in AC cabins and Conference rooms. Also, you will get a 2 years warranty card on this product. Therefore, have this and make your food with fresh air.

Pros –

  • An easy to install
  • Suction power is good enough
  • Stylish design
  • Optimum performance level
  • Aerodynamically blades built perform a faster rotation.
  • Noiseless


  •  Customers find it more consuming power.
  • Recommended for small places only. Not compatible with big places.

Usha Crisp Air Duct Size Exhaust fan

Well, You all know that if you think of buying fans from any brand. The first name that comes to mind is -USHA( a well-known fan making company) famous for its specializations and beautiful features provided in their products

The exhaust fan Usha Crisp Air 200 mm Sweep Size, 300 mm Duct Size Exhaust fan Black comes up with a sleek and stylish design. It is a 5 blades fan with inbuilt automatic shutters.

The rust-proof body makes it durable. It is a lightweight exhaust fan. So it will be easy for you to clean at regular time intervals.

The high-quality blades of it ensure faster speed and perform efficiently. It consumes 40 watts power at an operating voltage i.e.230 volts.

Unlike the other exhaust fans, it has a very good noise level. So, you can invest your money buying this fan.


  • A stylish design
  • Offers optimum performance level
  • Rust free body
  • Built-in with automatic shutters.
  • A Good item at a reasonable price.


  • Runs at a low RPM Rate.
  • Not compatible in toilets and bathrooms.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230 mm Exhaust Fan

The brand havells is well-known for its high-quality products with efficient working at very reasonable prices.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230 mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green) is one the best affordable exhaust fans that’s why we add it on our priority list.

Unlike other brand’s exhaust fans, this fan has 3 blades with a powder-coated metallic finish, blended in any kitchen interior.

The high-quality blades and adjustable upward and downward mechanisms help in sucking out the grease particles, smoke, heat from the kitchen.

It consumes 40 watts and the noise level is also tolerable i.e 40-50DB. A Sturdy steel bird guard is also attached in this fan which makes it durable. Also, protect the fan in running conditions with a 510 CMH air flow rate.

It also offers a faster rotation around 1350 RPM with a sweep size 230mm which helps in distributing the air uniformly in the kitchen.


  • Powder Coated Metallic finish.
  • Offers great speed around 1350 RPM
  • SteelyBird Guard Attached.
  •  The Noise level is good
  • Value for money.


  • Some customers find its suction power low.

Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm Exhaust Fan

Crompton is also one of the leading brands in making fans. We have enlisted  Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm Exhaust Fan (White), a best suitable and compatible for you.

Well, if we talk about the features of this product, this product is made up of a plastic body so you don’t need to take care of rust.

 Its high-speed ventilating fan makes it stand out among the other products in its wide range of products. Shatters all the dirty air in just a minute.

Its sleek design makes it elegant in any kind of kitchen interior. The airflow is good enough. Delivers air with 460 CU M/Min.

A lightweight body with a warranty over 2 years applicable in this product.

pros –

  • Elegant look
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers great airflow
  • Inbuilt safety grill.
  • Rust-proof body.
  • Performs High-Speed ventilating speed.


  •    Some customer feels its shutter not open properly

Orpat Ventilation 6-Inch Exhaust Fan

Orpat ventilation fans are quite demanding in nature. Why so? Because it comes up with an out of the box ideas.

The robust design, made up of high-quality plastic makes it best among the others in the market. If you are willing to have a fan, capable of maintaining a fresh environment in your kitchen. You can go with this one, as it is quite sturdy in nature and due to its design specialty. High-quality plastic is used for making this, which ensures it rust-free.

It is a lightweight fan, highly durable. You don’t need to worry about installation, as it is easy to install and the safety grill is inbuilt in this fan, allowing powerful airflow. You can buy this from amazon.


  • Highly durable
  • Inbuilt with Safety grill
  • Its robust design and elegant look.
  • Well equipped to maintain a fresh environment.
  • Promote high and powerful airflow.
  • Rusty-proof body
  • High quality plastic body.


  • Sometimes it is a bit noisy.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan Brands

We are done with product reviews and now it’s time to point out some of the best kitchen Exhaust fan brands so that we could know about them before investing in it.

Here are some popular brands. Just have a look at them-


I think you all are already familiar with this popular brand i.e Havells. It is a well-known brand primarily focused on delivering quality products to their customers. As we have mentioned one of its products above is the best example of it. If your concern is quality at cheaper rates, then you are in the right place. Whether you talk about performance, design, efficiency. The Havells fans have the answers to your questions. Havells manufactures its fans in plastic body and metal body both.

Usha Fans

If you are looking for the exhaust fans with automatic shutter and aerodynamic blades, then you can make your investment in Usha fans. As you know, Usha fans are quite famous among the other brands, so if you invest in it, you will get the real worth of your money. A rust-proof body and durability of its fans make it ideal for you to install it in your kitchens and bathrooms.


Luminous is one of the leading brands in the fan industry. Their fans are highly compatible, offering great functionality. One thing that is best in luminous fans is, it is available at much cheaper rates. You won’t have to pay too high for buying its fans, especially exhaust kitchen fans. Usually, it comes in sleek design with the body made up of plastic, moves with a faster speed that ensures moving out the dirty, smoky air in just a minute. Also, it consumes less energy, therefore it is a go-to option for you to buy.


If you are talking about the fans, and somehow you missed the name of Crompton, then it would be incomplete because Crompton fans have already made its stature among the leading brands. Let me tell you if you are looking for high ventilation speed fans or fans which promote powerful airflow, then you are the right place. Just go with Crompton fans. Not only the speed factor but also its sleek design and elegant look of its body is just commendable.

Orpat fans

Orpat fans are also included in the list of best brands for kitchen exhaust fans. You know what, Orpat fans have a wide range of variety. Generally, it comes with an out of the box ideas. The fans are usually made up of high-quality plastics, with an inbuilt safety grill that makes it a prime choice for its customers. Its robust design and high reliable performance are unmatchable. You can invest in it, you will get your money worth.

Sameer fans

If your kitchen is small, you can make use of Sameer exhaust fans. These fans are less budget and highly compatible. Actually, it comes with two different sizes. The one is 150mm and the other is 250 mm. A 150 mm fan is suitable for small kitchens while 250 mm Sameer fans are found comfortable for large kitchens. It’s an anti-rusting ventilation fan that can be used for removing the bad odors coming out from bathrooms. Available on the Amazon website, you can buy it from there

Orient fans

Orient fans also have a big name in the market. If you are looking for a powder-coated metallic finish exhaust fan, then you can go with the orient fans. In this aspect, it is the best among the other competitor’s brands. It consumes less energy, performs extraordinary functions. Also, it delivers faster rotation, specially made for kitchens and storerooms.


Well, we have discussed almost all the best brands of exhaust fans for your kitchens. We have ruled out the prime factors like what things to figure out before buying. We have mentioned reviews of the fans. I hope all your concerns regarding a choice of fans will get resolved after reading this. And, somehow, if you have left with some facts, we are always here to get your issues resolved. All you need to do is, just leave a comment below.


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