Best Rice Cooker in India

Do you like to ingest rice?. If not, then you will love gulping it in many forms after reading this post. It is seen that people in different parts of India are very fond of eating rice. Why so?. Why only rice and no food? The reason is, a recent study says that rice contains a wide variety of nutritions, vitamins. Not only these things but also the quantity of carbohydrates in rice is very good. So how can anyone leave consuming rice when there are primes that strengthen your health. That is the reason why it is on the list of staple foods.

Biryani, Pulao, Puliyogare, sesame rice, fried rice are the famous ones in the list of rice dishes. People from south to north and from east to west love consuming rice on a daily basis. A study says, in the world’s population the 9 out of 10 people eat rice are Asian. You can think of how Rice became an essential diet for all Indians.

But the thing is, how do you enjoy hundreds of rice dishes?. Do you have to hire a chef for having it?. Well, don’t worry. It is possible with the rice cookers. Yes, we are talking about rice cookers. However, if you are confused in making a choice. Just leave that part for us. After reading this blog post, you will be convinced with all your concerns. Herein, this post, We have figured out almost all the aspects and enlisted some of the best and affordable rice cookers that you can bring to your table.

So, without wasting a time let’s move to the next segment ie. best rice cookers in India.

See in this list, we have enlisted 5 best and affordable rice cookers. Compare it based on your interest.

Best-Ranked Rice CookersCapacity    Power  Consumption  Warranty       Card  Availability
Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 1.8 litres   700 watts1 yearBuy At Amazon
Panasonic SR-Y18FHS  4.4 litres   660 watts2 yearsBuy At Amazon
Panasonic SR- WA 18 E4.4 litres   660 watts 5 yearsBuy At Amazon
Kent Personal Rice Cooker0.9 litres   180 watts1 yearBuy At Amazon
Preethi Rice Cooker 1.8 litres   700 watts 1 yearBuy At Amazon

 Best Rice Cookers In India 2020

There are many leading brands for rice cookers in India. We have ruled out some of the best with the detailed review of each of them. Read them-

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 rice Cooker

 I think there is no need to give a rundown of prestige brands. I know, You are familiar with this brand before coming to this post. If some of you still do not know, See, it is the topmost Cooker brand in India( famous for its high quality and efficient products). We collect Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 rice Cooker (the best of its wide range of cookers) for you to buy.

Prestige PRWO is an electric rice cooker with extra delighting features. You will be given 2 aluminum pans along with it. They are capable of cooking and serving both, specially designed for streamlined heat flow.

Stainless steel close fit lid is inbuilt on it so that you can make your food without having a fear about the change in the taste of your food.

A mode indicator will let you know when your food is in cooking mode or when it is in warm mode.

With this cooker, you will be able to cook 1 kg of rice at a time. The plastic handle on it helps you to keep your food in any place. They are quite sturdy and robust in design, you will not get hot while touching it.

It runs at 230 voltage and wattage around 700 watts. So don’t worry about your electric bills. You will get a 1-year warranty on this product. So do buy this and cook delicious rice.

NoteDo not wash the main body and also not immerse it into the water, its electrical insulation may get damaged. Do read the troubleshooting guidelines carefully.


  • Delighted electric rice cooker
  • Affordable Price
  • Cook up to 1 kg rice at one go.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Inbuilt with stainless steel lid
  • Cooking mode indicator
  • With extra two aluminum pans


  • Some customers find the button is not working properly.

Panasonic SR-Y18SHFS Rice Cooker

Panasonic is also one of the leading brands in India known for its extraordinary products and customer trusts. Panasonic SR-Y18SHFS Rice Cooker is one of their best products. We counted ar number 2 on our priority list.

If we talk about this product, this is a metallic burgundy color with a total volume of around 4.4 liters, a raw capacity around 0.9 liters, 1 kg sized automatic electric rice cooker.

It has a clear streaming basket inbuilt on its body. You can store food, vegetables on it. The best and suitable rice cooker for larger families.

Anchor coated Non-stick pans ensure your food safety. Convenient bridge handles are also attached to it, allowing proper handling alongside with other kitchen chores.

Also, it consumes less power compared to similar items available on the amazon. The best and affordable piece we have presented before you. You just book it online by the link given below.


  • An automatic electric cooker.
  • Capable of storing food, vegetables.
  • Anchor Coated stick pan
  • Some customers find Burgundy color interesting.
  • Bridge handles are also convenient.
  • Consumes less energy.


  • Does Not have a digital timer function

Panasonic SR-WA 18E Rice Cooker 

Panasonic Sr-WA 18 Electric rice cooker is the best and suitable for small families. It comes with an auto cooking feature with a cooking plate. A best for making food, full of hygiene. An Anodised Aluminium lid increases its durability. Made up by a ROHS compliant material that keeps the electric cooker hygienic.

A Lid locker is also attached to it so that you can save power and it makes a safe electrical appliance.

If we talk about the capacity, it can cook rice around 0.6 kg in one go. Heat resistant handles make it stand out among the others in the market. One of the best and reliable rice cooker with a warranty period of 2 years.


  •  Lid locker feature
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Equipped with an anodized aluminum pan.
  • Value for money.
  • Suitable for small families.
  • Best for hygienic food.


  • Can’t manage too much food at one go.

Kent Personal Rice Cooker

You might be familiar with the Kent RO purifier. Right?. Well, not only the RO purifier but also Kent company manufactures the different kinds of products and Kent Rice cookers are also one of them.

Kent Personal Rice Cooker 0.9 liters, 180 watts is the best in their products that’s why we have added in our list. It comes with an advanced induction heating function, which allows the distribution of even heat to your food.

Delay cooking functions help you cook your food based on your desires. You can make a variety of rice like pulao, biryani, and so on with this highly compact electric rice cooker.

An easy to use offers timing function as well. All you need to do is set the timer, it will make your food.

With the 1.8 liters capacity, you can store your food. No need to worry about electrical bills as well because it consumes less power. The best and value for money products, you can buy from amazon.


  • Equipped with an advanced induction heating.
  • Timing function
  • Delay cooking function
  • Easy to use, clean, and store food.
  • Available at fewer rates.
  •  One year warranty
  • Highly Compact and stylish rice cooker.


  • Some customers suggest the build-in quality can be good.

Preethi Primo RC311 P-18 Flora Rice Cooker 

Last from our list is the Preethi primo RC311 P-18 Flora Rice Cooker known for its best quality products.

It comes with a heavy gauge walled body that allows even heating to the rice. Also, equipped with cooling vents for hassle-free operation.

Accurate thermostat control is also there to keep your rice hot for a long time. It has a detachable PVC insulated 3 core which increases its durability.

Heat resistant high-quality plastics are used for manufacturing this product which ensures safety and avoids unnecessary accidents. Stainless steel fasteners maintain hygiene. Powerful heaters are helpful for cooking your rice in a less amount of time.

Note-  Do not open the cooking lid while preparing your rice. This may delay cooking time.


  • Comes with a powerful heater.
  • Having a heavy gauge walled body.
  • Detachable insulated PVC 3 core.
  • Stainless steel fasteners are also there.
  • The Cooling vents feature adds up a trouble-free operation.
  • With an extra rice cooker and summer tray.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Not easy to clean
Best Rice cooker in India

What to look for before Buying the best Rice Cooker in India – Buyer’s Guide 

We know you prefer quality over quantity. Therefore, we have pointed out some major factors that you should consider before buying. See the factors given below-

Capacity-  What is the capacity of your rice cooker you are going to own? This is the first question that should come in your mind before investing in it. There are varieties of rice cookers available in the market. So, depending upon your requirements you should make an investment. It is as simple as if you have a small family go for the small one and vise versa.

Inner pot Material- You should consider the inner pot material, used in making your electric rice cooker at the time of buying. If you talk about the difference in rice cookers, almost all rice cookers have the same outside body but the inner pot material is different in some of them. Generally, two types of materials are used in the inner pot part of your cooker body. The one is of non-stick aluminum and the other is of stainless steel.

Rice cookers having inner pot material with aluminum are light in weight. If you want your rice cooker at less rate, then you can go for an aluminum one. And. if your pocket allows you to pay more, then you can go for stainless steel type. Rice cookers with stainless steel material are highly durable.

What is the Quality of Detachable Power Cords ? 

Basically, Rice cookers have two kinds of power cords i.e. Detachable and retractable. If you want to take our suggestion, you should go for the rice cookers, having detachable power cords. The reason is, they simplify your cooking process. You can drag your rice cookers while preparing your food. But then, the question arises. What is the quality of detachable power cords you are going to have?. Well, don’t worry, in our opinion, you should go for the high- quality materials like Detachable Insulated PVC 3 Core.

Automatic Turn-off Feature – Currently, most of the electric rice cookers in India have an automatic turn-off feature. You won’t have to worry about anything, as it has inbuilt sensors that indicate whether your rice is cooked or not. You can do some other work alongside cooking. You have to set the timer. Once your rice is cooked, it will automatically shut-off the cooker.

Energy consumption- The amount of heat generated by an electric rice cooker in a certain amount of time is considered as energy consumption. They are measured in watts.

Unlike the gas, the rice cookers consume less heat energy. Generally, it has been observed that most electric cookers consume 60-70% heat energy.

If you are worried about electrical bills, you can go for your rice cooker which consumes less power. A lot of products are available in the market.

Automatic Keep Warm Function- If you are willing to have a rice cooker, capable of keeping your food warm for a certain amount of time, you can invest your money in buying an electric rice cooker which has an automatic keep warm feature.

Generally, it is seen in the rice cooker that having this function can warm your food for 12 hours. 

Handle of Rice Cooker – It is vital that the rice cooker you are going to buy, whether its handle is heat resistant or not. What happens if it is not heat-resistant, then your hand may also burn and you have to face difficulty in lifting it up. So it is very important to figure out to examine this factor before buying it.

The Specialty of the Brand – When it comes to buying any product, it becomes compulsory for any of you to be familiar with the reputation of the brand. Ultimately, you want your money to spend on the best possible product. So make sure this aspect as well before investment.

Ease of use- The money you are going to spend to buy a rice cooker. Will it be able to simplify your cooking process or not? This question you should keep in mind before buying it. The reason is, there are dozens of electric Rice Cookers available in the market. So, make sure of this factor before making any decision.  

Warranty – Getting a warranty period is something that attracts customers to make an investment in some products. Well, you have to be smart while buying an electric rice cooker. You should rule out some other factors as well. And, if you talk about the warranty, there are several manufacturers in the industry that offer the warranty on their products. Generally, it is seen that the minimum warranty period for any product is 1 year. 

Well, we are done with the buying guide tips part. Now, we are going to tell you about the types of electric rice cookers.

Types of Electric Rice Cookers

Generally, four types of electric rice cookers are available in the market. See all the typos one by one-

Standard Rice Cookers – The first one is a standard Rice cooker. Well, standard rice cookers come on the list of most inexpensive cooker options. They are available easily in the market, capable of cooking rice of different varieties. You just add a washed rice in the rice cooker and switch on the button. Once your rice is cooked, it will automatically turn off the cooker. The best and affordable option for you to buy.

Improved Rice Cookers – Improved rice cookers are the improved version of standard rice cookers. An extra additional feature like a digital timer, the steam feature is inbuilt in these types of cookers.

Multi-function Heat Rice Cookers- As the name suggests, the rice cooker that can perform multiple operations at a time is considered as multi-function rice cookers. These kinds of cookers use advanced technology to operate. Generally, these cookers have a digital display on their body. And, reheat and extend heat functionality on it makes it the stand out option among other types.

Induction Heat Rice Cookers – Induction heat rice cookers are used to distribute even heat in a cooker. These cookers are a bit expensive. They are the best and reliable ones because, with their help, you can make quality rice dishes for your loved ones. They constantly enclose the magnetic field that makes your food quickly.

Conclusion- I hope we have simplified all your concerns. Which brand you should go for?. We have discussed that in 5 best rice cooker sections. What are the factors that you should think before buying? That also, we have described to you. Therefore, based on your interest you can make your decision. And, somehow if you need our further assistance, you can simply comment on your queries in the comment section below.

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