Best Smartwatch Under 20000

Searching for a smartwatch under 20000. Then check this post, Here I listed down the best smartwatch under 20000 and under 15000 for Indian Consumers.

The smartwatch market has been witnessed continuous growth for the past few years, and this trend of wearing smart wearable is expected to continue in the coming years. However, not everyone can spend on a premium smartwatch like the Apple Watch. So, a few brands out there provide their smartwatches in the modest budget. In the following write-up we are going to talk about the same i.e. Best smartwatch under 20000 .

Over the time we have experienced a lot of evolutions in watches which may be in terms of size, looks, technology, etc. However, everyone has their own choices when it comes to select a watch. For instance, some people choose Analogue watches whereas others choose digital and some out of them also choose smartwatches. However, it all depends on their choices, preferences and budget.

Analog watches and digital watches have a low budget whereas Smartwatches are little expensive but these have got tons of features as well that you may lack in analog and digital watches. Smartwatches can be easily connected to your smartphones and used. So, these aren’t made to tell you the time only, but these watches help you in multitasking like sending messages, answering/rejecting calls etc.

Moreover, smartwatches help you in tracking your health status as these devices provide you with the information like steps walked, your heart rate, etc. So, as we all know that there are number of brands in India who offer smartwatches at very aggressive price. But from those brands and smartwatches, you want to select the best pick for yourself.

No worries, we have selected and listed the Best smartwatches under 20000 in India keeping the mindsets of Indian consumers in our mind. Go through the following write-up and you’ll get a fair enough idea of the best smartwatches in your budget i.e. best smartwatch under 20000.

Best Smartwatch Under 20000 in India

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

This Garmin Smartwatch will make you go crazy as this vivoactive 3 GPS smartwatch is equipped with some premium features like Chroma Display which lets you read the display even in the sunlight. Moreover, it provides a feature of stress tracking with vibration alerts which makes sure that you don’t feel stressed for a long time. And finally, it comes up with a fitness tracker which helps you keep an eye on your workout more. Let’s have a look at it’s other premium features…

Personalized Design

Yes, you can personalize the design of you watch because this watch is compatible with the Connect IQ store which allows you to download watch faces and widgets. Moreover, if you want to add some personality to your smartwatch then, you can use the Face It app. Moreover, it comes up with the payeasy option that means if you forgot your wallet at home then it helps you to pay with your smartwatch only. Isn’t it exciting? Thanks to the Garmin Pay feature.

Designed to Let You Enjoy Everything

First of all it comes with the Garmin Chroma Display that allows you to easily read the display even if it’s sunny outside. Moreover, it is water resistant so it lets you to enjoy dancing in the rain or even swim wearing this watch. That means this Garmin vivoactive smartwatch is designed to undergo all kinds of weather conditions.

Preloaded Sports Apps

Moreover, this smartwatch comes with more than 15 preloaded sports apps and the inbuilt GPS enables you to track the details of the activity you choose. Moreover, you can also create your own workout schedules, and the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch will keep a track of your exercises and rest time.

Fitness and Stress Tracking

With this Garmin smartwatch, you can also monitor your fitness and stress levels to understand that how your body responds in different situations. And, you’ll know when you’re stressing out because this smartwatch from Garmin has been designed to send you vibration alerts. This will also let know the oxygen level in your body along with your fitness level and the heart rate variability.

Stay Social Everytime

Even when you’re working out, you can stay connected to the outer world with the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch as you can receive emails and social media updates on your wrist. Also, if you have misplaces your phone then also you can find it without any hassle with find my phone feature.

Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch

If you’re a fitness freak then this smartwatch by Apple is a must-have for you because the watch comes up with features like an enhanced Heart Rate app and a built-in altimeter. This Apple Watch Series3 also enables you to carry and listen to your favorite songs on your wrist only. Moreover, it is equipped with Siri which makes being active and staying connected more enjoyable.

Best apple smartwatch under 20000

Equipped with Health Tool

Now it has become east to keep your eyes on your heart regardless the activity you’re doing i.e. no matter if you’re walking, resting, or working out. The watch also comes up with a Breathe App which is made to guide you with a series of deep breaths whenever you’re stressed. In addition to the breath app it is packed with other third-party health apps which are given with this smartwatch to help you drink more water, and improve your sleep, as well as to be a healthier version of yourself.

Activity Tracker

This smartwatch from the house of Apple also keep an eye on how active you are every day with its three activity rings. Also, the smart coaching in this watch brings you personalized progress updates in the mornings while giving you the suggestions on how to close your rings in the evenings which keep you motivated and going. Moreover, you can share your activity log with friends to compete with them.

Best Sports Watch

This Apple watch series 3 is the best sports watch as it lets you challenge yourself to explore new heights while keeping a track of your feats with the GPS and altimeter features. Also, it plays your favorite tracks which let you do physical tasks with less stress. Moreover, this smartwatch is water resistant, so you can wear it in the pool or out in the ocean. In addition to all these ultimate features, it lets you track the progress of your workouts whether it is a casual jogs or an intense cycle rides.

Other Important Features

This Apple watch series3 smartwatch enables you to send messages, make calls, get meeting invitations as well as to keep an eye on your messages from your wrist. Also, you can customize your watch’s face with any kind of information you want to keep at a glance i.e. photos, or apps which you want quick access to.

Fitbit Versa Unisex Smartwatch

This watch from the house of Fitbit makes you stay fit and stylish. Moreover, it is your ideal workout partner with the heart-rate tracking feature, high-resolution touch-screen, and water resistance feature. Moreover, you can give it the desired look as per your mood or occasion with its changeable clock face and accessory band.

Heart Rate Tracking & Daily Updates

This device monitors your heart rate all the times with features like PurePulse Heart Rate tracking and Cardio Fitness scores. Moreover, it lets you keep a track on your daily statistics too by providing you the personalized reminders and insights. Additionally, this watch is water resistance up to 50 meters so this smartwatch is ideal for swimmers as it will also effectively track laps, duration as well as calories burnt while swimming.

  • Activity and Sleep Tracking

It can effectively track you activities as well as the quality of your sleep. Moreover, its smart track feature automatically recognizes or records activities. However, this watch is equipped with a female health tracking feature as well so this feature is specially engineered for female wearers. So, this watch keeps a track of your period cycles or ovulation time.

  • Health Monitor

Additionally, this smartwatch also offers personalized breathing sessions depending on your heart rate which can help you keep calm and active throughout the day. Also, this smartwatch also has 15+ exercise modes along with some on-screen workouts which guide you through each move. It is also equipped with GPS feature which enables you to have a look at the real-time speed and track the distance you’ve covered while running or jogging.

In addition to all these health related features, it also provides you with the following features…

  • It comes with a slim, lightweight anodized aluminum body with a bright touch-screen.
  • It allows you to store and play more than 300 songs on this watch.
  • It also allows you to access your favorite apps instantly while keeping you connected to the world.
  • Moreover, it lets you receive call, texts and app alerts conveniently on this watch.
  • The touch-screen of this watch has been made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that ensures its durability. And, the brightness of up to 1000 nits provides a better visibility.
  • It allows you to change the clock face and accessory band as well.
  • It is also equipped with a feature of Wallet-free Payments. Yes, this smartwatch comes with built-in NFC chip that can store your credit card details on it.
  • This smartwatch also offers more than four days of battery backup with a single so you can travel or commute with a free mind.
  • Last but not the least feature is the wireless sync. You can connect this smartwatch to your Bluetooth headphones or with any other iOS, Android and Windows device through wireless connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Your smartphone may prevent you from enjoying a full range of motion outdoors but this Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm LTE smartwatch let you enjoy your music and calls wherever you go as it is water-resistant to a depth of 50 m and it allows you to track your health and activities at the same time.

Customize in Your Style

This smartwatch has a body size of 42 mm and equipped with another twist with a customizable watch face that helps you reflect your own style. So, shine with this Galaxy Watch which is always switched-on. Yes, you won’t have to press a button to bring the 3.05 cm screen to life but you can use an option in its settings to set the watch to show you time on the display anytime.

Give a break to Your Smartphone

This Galaxy Watch 4G allows you to roam free i.e. without always having you phone in hand while still staying connected. Because, your smartwatch lets you take calls, receive messages as well as to get notifications form you watch itself. Also, the tech device lets you take your music wherever you go, so you can stream your online music and connec it with your wireless earbuds. So, it truly sets you free as you can leave your phone at home and go for an activity outdoors.

Monitors Your Health

With this Samsung samrtwatch, you can track and log your health in greater detail which includes heart rate and calories. Moreover, this Galaxy Watch can track your sleep quality and monitors your stress levels. It also alerts you about your health issues which helps you in reducing the levels of stress you’re experiencing by guiding you a breathing session.

Additional Features

In addition to all above benefits, you can enjoy calls, music, and more on your Galaxy Watch because it features a long lasting battery. Moreover, it has a 5ATM water resistance rating and its build quality meets military-grade standards. And, the best part is that you can choose from the large selection of apps for your Galaxy Watch whichever suits your needs.

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose best smartwatch under 20000

Best Smartwatch under 20000 in India

When you look for the best smartwatche for you then, you’re a bit limited by the smartphone you own. Because, if you want an Apple Watch then, you’ll need to have an iPhone and the watches which work with both Android and iPhones can give you less functionality when not connected to an Android device.

Apart from this, you also need to check that the watch will fit to your wrist comfortably while picking a smartwatch. Therefore, the people with smaller wrists may find larger smartwatches to be too bulky and cumbersome to wear.

After that, you would also need to find a smartwatch that fits your style. However, there are a lot of brands which give you many more options when it comes to their design. But at last I would say it is completely your decision which smartwatch to buy because it depends on various factors including budget.


This is a list of the best smartwatch under 20000 rupees. You can choose any of the above-mentioned watches as we chose them very precisely to suit your budget as well as all of the fitness and health monitoring related needs. So, stay fit, healthy, and stylish with the best smartwatch under 20000.

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